YOW! 2017 Conference and Workshop Speakers


Beth Skurrie , Principal Consultant DiUS – It’s Not Hard to Test S-M-R-T: Delivering Customer Value Faster

Dave Farley , Independent Software Consultant, Continuous Delivery Ltd Reactive Systems

Linda Liukas , Childrens Book Author / Illustrator, Hello Ruby – Principles of Play & Programming

Lynn Langit , Big Data and Cloud Architect, Lynn Langit Consulting Oscar Luo , Research Scientist, CSIRO – Cloud Data Pipelines for Genomics from a Bioinformatician and a Developer


Aaron Bedra , Founder, Modeled Thinking – AWS Security Essentials

Adam Searle , iOS Platform Lead , Cochlear – Bionic Implanted and Mobile Software in Six (years of) Easy (ish) Steps

Brian LeRoux , Co-Founder / CTO Begin – Architecture as Text: Setup AWS Lambda, API Gateway, SNS, and DynamoDB on Easy Mode

Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe , Doctoral Researcher, University of Warwick – Quantifying the Influence of Beautiful Environments on Human Well-Being

Daniel Spiewak , Senior Developer, SlamData – The Making of an IO

David Hussman , Founder, DevJam – Learning in Product: How Wrong are You Ready to Be?

Doc Norton , CEO & Founder CTO2 – The Technical Debt Trap

Gregor Hohpe , Chief IT Architect, Allianz – Enterprise Integration Patterns 2: The Making of a Pattern Language

Heidi Helfand , Director of Engineering Excellence, Procore Technologies – Dynamic Reteaming : The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams

James Lewis , Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks – Betting On Performance: A Note on Hypothesis Driven Performance Testing

Jennifer Marsman , Principal Software Development Engineer, Microsoft – Using EEG and Machine Learning to Perform Lie Detection

Jeff Patton , Chief Trouble Maker Jeff Patton and Associates – How Agile Screwed Up Product Ownership, and 5 Things You Can Do to Fix It

Jim Webber , Chief Scientist Neo4j – Mixing Causal Consistency and Asynchronous Replication for Large Neo4j Clusters

Joshua Kerievsky , CEO Industrial Logic Inc. – Modern Agile

Julie Pitt , Co-Founder, Order of Magnitude Labs – Machines that Learn Through Action: The Future of AI

Julien Verlaguet , Software Engineer, Facebook – Reflex: A New Reactive Programming Language at Facebook

Katrina Owen , Open Source Advocate,GitHub – The Bait & Switch of Open Source

Kasper LundSoftware Engineer, Google – Flutter: The Best Way to Build for Mobile?

Ken Scambler, Lead Developer, REA Group – Adopting FP: A Human-First Approach

Kresten Krab Thorup , CTO & Founder, Humio – All the Things We Didn’t Do

Mike Amundsen , Director of API Architecture, CA Technologies – Twelve Patterns for Evolvable Web APIs

Mark Aufflick , Director, The High Technology Bureau – TBionic Implanted and Mobile Software in Six (years of) Easy (ish) Steps

Olivier Deheurles , Co-Founder & Director, Adaptive James Watson , Developer Adaptive – Clustered Event-Driven Services

Ondrej Lehecka , Engineering Manager, Facebook – Delivering LiveQueries via LiveServer

Phil Calçado , Software Engineer, Buoyant – The Next Generation of Microservices

Sandy Mamoli , Director of All Things Agile Nomad8 – How the Olympics Can Make You a Better Person

Sara Chipps , CEO & Co-Founder Jewelbots – Working with BLE and Embedded Systems

Simon Brown , Independent Consultant, Structurizr Limited – Software Architecture for Developers

Steve Freeman , Director, Higher Order Logic – Test Driven Development: That’s Not What We Meant

Tony Morris , Senior Functional Programming Engineer, Data61 / CSIRO – Functional Programming in Aviation

Woody Zuill , Agile Guide / Trainer / Developer Zuill Development – Estimates or NoEstimates?

Yao Yue , Author, Pelikan cache – Lies, Damned Lies, and Timeouts


Dave Farley , Independent Software Consultant, Continuous Delivery LtdContinuous Delivery